Welcome and thank you for visiting the ‘My Blue Burka’ blog!

I don’t wear a blue burka, but I am obsessed with it – not just that, but also with Pathans and their culture, hence the name of my blog.

I’m a journalism graduate from Medill School of Journalism – Northwestern University carrying immense passion for journalism. I was born in Doha, Qatar but originally from Peshawar Pakistan (I would like to think  I have Afghan roots).

I have traveled to report in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan for Euronews, USA Today,  Al Fanar Media and currently an online journalist for Al Jazeera English. Afghanistan was by far the toughest place to report in – but I loved the country! Watch the trailer of my documentary in Afghanistan: Opium is a Candy 

I am using this blog to write and produce reports on current issues and to feature people with great struggles in their lives – mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan and in a few years time – across the world.

Other ways to follow me:

Twitter: @shereenaqazi

Enjoy reading!

Shereena Qazi

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